“I was in the Navy during Vietnam, recently I met Dave at a veterans event and I was very interested in hiring a couple of veterans he was working with.  Two weeks later he calls me back after learning more about our business model and says he has a better idea. Instead of us just hiring a couple of veterans, he brings veterans together and they invest and start a new company contracting with my company.  Dave then created an identity theft protection business called American Identity Protection services  (AIPS).  WEN creates opportunities and helps veterans prosper!!"


Jeff Toumi

President Core ID

"After being injured in Iraq and discharged from the military I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I had reached out to many supportive veterans organizations when I first learned of WEN. I have always thought about opening a business so I called them.  I had no idea what kind of business I wanted to open. The first thing Dave told me was to identify the things you love and your passionate about and then lets figure out how you can make money doing it. We are working on several possibilities now and I look forward to my future."

Sgt. DeShaun Roberts

US Army

"I was in the process of purchasing a franchise when I first heard of WEN. Because their services are free to veterans I decided to contact them before closing the deal.  We went over the business plan and ran the numbers which quickly wasn’t adding up. Dave showed me the errors in this particular franchise and saved us thousands of dollars in what could have ended up being a horrible deal.  I will always support WEN."

SSgt Jenkins

US Airforce

"After reading an article in the Forsyth County News about WEN, I decided to contact them and see what they could do to help my business. While I am not a veteran, my father was in the army and so  I qualified for a free consultation through WENs plus one program. We had many meetings before we decided to partner. Dave worked with me on branding, marketing and various distribution channels. He believed in me and the product and we are now using it as one of the tools he has to help veterans start their own businesses using my product."

Dennis McAllister

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