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A Tradition of Service

Dave’s family has had a long history of exceptional men who have sacrificed and fought bravely for our country. Dave, himself, served in the 82nd Airborne Division of the United States Army. He has, also, spent his fair share of time in the business world. Dave has twenty five years of experience in the jewelry industry, where he owned retail and manufacturing operations. He has owned other businesses in various industries. In addition to his military and business experience, Dave spent five years in law enforcement in North Carolina, and he served as the president of the local Police Benevolent Association for three of those years. As chapter president of the Police Benevolent, he was very active in fighting for better working conditions and legislation for officers rights. ​Dave is a devoted citizen and spends any free time helping the community. He has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for projects for organizations such as; Duke Children’s Hospital, Caring House, Ronald McDonald House, and many more upstanding organizations. On July 11, 2006, he demonstrated his commitment to his community by stopping an armed robbery. Now, he has made it his mission to fight for veterans to achieve their dreams since they risked their lives so  that every day we can live out ours. ​Dave's father, Jerry Eugene Lineberry, was Marine Corp Staff Sergeant, (fifth force recon, seventh marines, first marine division). He served our country for eight years before being killed in action in Vietnam. He was just twenty-eight years old. Jerry was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross in 1970, which is our nation’s second highest honor for valor short of the Medal of Honor. He received this award for his heroism after staying behind, in spite of being severely wounded, he continued to direct and support his men until his very last moments. Jerry was an incredibly dedicated marine, and continues to inspire others to this day.  

Dave, also, has a son that is currently serving in the Army reserves and was recently sworn into a local law enforcement agency. Additionally, Dave’s stepfather was, also, an outstanding marine. Marine Corp First Sergeant George E. Schaff, served three tours in Vietnam and retired after more than twenty years of service.

Dave Lineberry was determined to pay tribute to his stepfather for raising he and his brother as his own sons. That determination led to the creation of Warriors Entrepreneurs Network. This company, and its mission, is dedicated to the lives lost, soldiers that are still fighting, and the families that support them. 

What we do BEST!

Small Business

It’s our mission to help veterans start and support their own small businesses. Without veterans, Americans wouldn't have the freedom to be creative and pursue their dreams. And without small businesses and American innovations, we wouldn't enjoy the prosperity that Americans enjoy everyday. 

Startup Assistance

What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here. 

We have assembled a team of executives, entrepreneurs, and other business professionals to work with veterans from the ground up. They will work with you on the initial business concept, financial assistance, business mentoring/coaching, and strategic partnerships.


 W.E.N. fully believes that when it comes to strength, dedication, loyalty, commitment, and work ethic; nobody is more qualified for the job than our veterans. The dream of owning a business and the realities of owning a business are two completely different things entirely, and we want to help the process of making that dream a reality!