Our Mission

It is our mission to support veterans in starting, owning, and growing their own small business. We recognize the value that veteran entrepreneurs possess and the tremendous gap they have in overall support and guidance. Our mission is to close that gap by providing cohesive support that will then promote prosperity to each veteran owned business that we work with. 

Our Vision

Ours is a vision of America where veterans own successful businesses in our communities and lead us into a better future as they prosper in their own fields. We envision our veterans achieving their dreams not just as an employee, but rather as an employer of others. Today, our veterans struggle in returning to civilian life in general much less embarking on their own business, so with our help and deep reach into the brotherhood of veterans we will provide a better tomorrow today, starting with those who fought for the freedom we enjoy. 

Our Goals

WEN's goal is to revive the American dream for our veteran entrepreneurs. With our team of executives, entrepreneurs, and other business professionals we are revolutionizing the dreams of our veterans by assisting and mentoring them from conception and throughout the life of the business. The support we provide is given on every vital aspect of small business from start to finish.